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4 Ways an Electrical Contractor Can Help Home Owners in Raleigh

4 Ways an Electrical Contractor Can Help Home Owners in Raleigh

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One of the main advantages to becoming a home owner is to be able to make desired changes to your living environment. It’s common for both long-time and new home owners to want to remodel, and almost any improvements will call for some work to be done to the electrics of the home. These changes should be done by a certified electrician in Raleigh NC

The changes can range from the simple installation of ceiling fans to completely rewiring a house. However, it can be difficult to know whether the work should be done by a certified electrician or if it may be a good DIY project. In most cases for safety, time and cost considerations, it is better to hire an electrician.

New Wiring Installation

There are countless YouTube videos that show how to install new wiring as a DIY job, but very few that show the aftermath when things go wrong. Attempting to install new wiring is something that should only be done by a licensed electrician.
New wiring may simply be needed for a new light switch, which an electrician will be able to install quickly and easily. But even this simple task could have safety implications if a homeowner does the job and makes a mistake.
A local electrician is the best way to protect your home and prevent any unnecessary accidents if a home needs new wiring installed. And, because an electrician is familiar with local codes and regulations, they will ensure that the home’s electrical system is completely safe and stays up-to-date.

Installing a New Light Fixture

The fun part of remodelling is choosing new fixtures and features as the project takes shape. But the boring part, the actual process of installing the purchases, should be handled by an electric service company. They are able to efficiently replace important electrical fixtures such as lights. This is because they have the qualifications and necessary experience that won’t be confused by the many wires that are left behind once an old light fixture is removed in preparation for installing a new one.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

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Many people may not even know what an electric panel is – but in simple terms, it houses the circuit breaker. If the remodel includes the installation of a major home appliance, it may be necessary to upgrade the electric panel to handle a higher capacity. The same holds true for any new additions that are built.
Because the electrical panel impacts the flow of electricity to the rest of a home, the work should be completed by a professional electrician. They will be able to ensure that power to the home is not interrupted or compromised, and that there is no damage caused to the home’s electrical system.

Ceiling Fan Installation

A remodelling project often calls for the installation of new ceiling fans. But because residential wiring has changed over the years, what might have once seemed like a straightforward job is now quite complex. Removing the ceiling fan may expose a nest of wires making it difficult to know what goes where. It’s also worth noting that the wiring in every home can be different. For these reasons, the installation of a new ceiling fan is something that should be outsourced to an electrical contractor.

There are many other residential electrical projects in addition to new wiring, lighting and ceiling fan installation, and electrical panel upgrades that might also be a part of a remodel. These include landscape lighting, grounding electrical wiring, smoke detector installation, surge protection, as well as TV, telephone and data cable installation, all of which are best left to the professionals.

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