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Is it Time to Schedule an Electrical Inspection?

Is it Time to Schedule an Electrical Inspection?

licensed electrician
licensed electrician

As the old saying goes, ‘prevention is better than a cure’, and this is definitely true when it comes to monitoring the health of your home’s electrical system. If everything is going fine and you have no upcoming changes to your home, then there’s probably no need to schedule an electrician inspection. But if your electrics aren’t running smoothly, an inspection by a licensed electrician, before the problem worsens, is going to save you time and money in the long run.  

Homeowners are used to the concept of having an electrician inspection before buying or selling a house so that the potential buyer has a complete understanding of the home’s wiring and what state it is in (as well as ensuring that any repairs are done before the sale is finalized). But that’s not the only time than an electrical inspection makes sense, here are other times that a qualified electrician should be called in to inspect the home’s wiring:

1. If it is an Older Home

Homes with electrical wiring that is over 25 years old should schedule an inspection every 3 to 5 years. Electrical components are designed to last a long time but wear and tear, exposure to damp or heat and other factors may have an impact on the longevity of the electrical system. 

This is particularly important if the house has outdated wiring (such as a knob and tube system), or if the wiring’s insulation has been compromised. Understanding the state of the wiring and when upgrades or repairs will be needed gives the homeowner peace of mind and allows for future plans to be put in place.

2. If There are Concerns That Your Home May Have Electrical Issues

For new homeowners, it may be the case that the pre-sale process was rushed and there wasn’t a thorough electrical inspection before the deed passed hands. Inspections are not expensive and doing one as a precaution will ensure that the homeowner is made aware of any safety issues. 

3. When There is Storm Damage

After a storm it’s important to check for damage and part of this is checking for damage to the home’s electrical system. An electrical inspection should be scheduled if there has been water damage to areas of the home that are known to have electrical wiring, if the home was struck by lightning, or if power to the home was disrupted during the storm.

4. If There are Reoccurring Electrical Faults

If one or multiple components in the home’s electrical system fails, this can lead to immediate unexplained electrical issues. Sudden or reoccurring issues may be a sign of a more serious underlying issue that should be check by a licensed electrician. These issues may seem minor, such as a fuse blowing repeatedly, an appliance tripping the electrical supply or even bulbs that seems to burn out very quickly, but the underlying issue may be dangerous, and can easily escalate if left unchecked.

5. When It’s Required by the Insurance Provider

Some insurance companies require periodic checks of a home’s electrical system in order to continue covering the home. Here a local electrician will be able to help by inspecting the home’s electrics, as well as make suggestions if they discover any issues. It’s important to do these checks to prevent the cancellation of the insurance policy.

Local electricians, Crisp Electric in Raleigh, NC, have been helping residents with their electrical inspections for many years. In addition to inspection services, they also offer 24/7 service for all residential and commercial electrical needs.

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