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Using a Raleigh Electrician to Protect Your Home From Surges

Using a Raleigh Electrician to Protect Your Home From Surges

Using a Raleigh Electrician to Protect Your Home From Surges

Surge protectors are vital for protecting sensitive electronics in the event of an electrical storm or a malfunctioning transformer (as well as other electrical surges). This makes having surge protectors in place and in working condition in your home non-negotiable. But how do they actually work? Local emergency electrician, Crisp Electric shares the information you need to know:

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Power surges happen

A power surge is sometimes referred to as ‘transient voltage’ and comes about for a number of reasons. As mentioned above, it can occur as a result of a lightning strike, or due to malfunctioning electrical equipment outside the home. 


But they can also happen within the home, especially as major appliances switch on or off. This is the case when the air conditioner turns on, causing the lights in your home to flicker or dim temporarily. It happens because air conditioners draw such a high level of energy from the electrical supply, that a small surge is created. Repeated surges, over time, can have a negative impact on the lifespan of other, more sensitive, electronics that are plugged in throughout the home. 


Protection from damaging surges

In the US, voltage flows at a set of 120 volts. But, when surges happen, the voltage will exceed this limit which will result in damage to the circuits and electrical appliances. The extent of the damage will depend on the duration and intensity of the surge.


Having surge protectors in place will prevent this damaging excess voltage from reaching electronics and appliances. They are able to do this by diverting the excess voltage back into the home’s grounding line. 


The grounding line can be better understood by looking at a three-prong electrical plug, where the rounded bottom prong connects to the grounding line and offers protection from accidental electrical shocks. Surge protectors work in a similar way as the grounding line can protect your devices by providing a safe alternative route for unanticipated voltage spikes.  


How they work

In general surge protectors effectively channel excess electricity with a metal oxide varistor (MOV).  Inside every surge protecting adaptor, the MOV works as a middle-man connecting the surge protector’s hot wire and its grounding wire. 


The MOV is able to make adjustments to fluctuating incoming voltage that is either too high or too low because it has variable electrical resistance. In cases where the flow of energy is too high, as is the case with an electrical surge, the MOV will work to redirect only the excess voltage into the grounding wire. And from there it can dissipate safely. The standard, safe levels of voltage will continue to flow through, so you have uninterrupted, safe use of your appliances and electronics in the home. 


Working with a licensed electrician to layer your home’s protection

Implementing any surge protector in your home can make a big difference, but it’s a long way off a whole-home surge protection system. This distinction is important as no surge protector will be 100% reliable every time that there is a power surge. 


That’s why a local, certified electrician will usually recommend at least two layers of protection against surges. The most effective way to do this is to install a whole-home system that protects against surges. The approach is an efficient way to divert surges that originate from outside of the home (such as lighting or transformer issues).


In addition, surge protecting power strips and adapters can be used to provide an extra line of defense for devices or electronics that are particularly sensitive. This extra layer of protection will be effective in minimizing damage caused by internal power surges (such as when the air conditioning cycles on.)

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For homeowners interesting in surge protection for the whole home, Crisp Electric can help. Get started by contacting them for a no-obligation quote. As a leading local electrical company serving  Raleigh, Wake Forest, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Apex, Knightsdale, Garner and Morrisville; they can help design the solution you need to protect your home.

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