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What an Electrical Contractor Can Do and How to Choose the Right One

What an Electrical Contractor Can Do and How to Choose the Right One

What Electrical Contractors Can Do and How to Choose the Right One 

Modern lifestyles dictate that most households are completely dependent on electricity, and so electrical repair has simply become a part of life. Home electrical failures tend to catch many homeowners off guard causing inconvenience, stress and on occasion, a threat to life. It may be tempting to self-diagnose a problem and personally attempt the repair. However, unless it is of a minor nature such as changing a bulb or a plug, it is prudent to call in the services of a qualified electrical contractor who can advise for a minimal service call fee. 

Homeowners should always have on hand the emergency contact number of a reputable and certified electrical contractor in Raleigh, NCwho is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.   

Raleigh NC Electrical Contractor 

Services Local Electrical Contractors Should Supply 

Professional electrical contractors provide an array of services including repair, installation, preventative maintenance, inspections, and safety testing. When choosing an electrician in Raleigh, North Carolina, homeowners should look for electric service companies that can undertake most of these services. 

Electrical Repair Services 

  • Rectifying faults on electrical plugs, outlets, switches and lighting installations 
  • Repairing and installing connection boxes, distribution boards, Earth leakages, circuit breakers and solving electrical overloading issues
  • Repairs to the electrical components of air conditioning units 
  • Repairs to the electrical components of hot water systems 
  • Hurricane and storm repairs 

Electrical Installation Services 

  • Electrical wiring for new homes and re-wiring of existing homes
  • Installing securitylandscape, interior design, recessed and track lighting 
  • Upgrades to electrical circuits during refurbishments 
  • Replacement of electrical system components with new energysaving technology 

Electrical Maintenance and Testing 

  • Preventative maintenance on all electrical appliances and circuits 
  • Inspections and testing for electrical certificates of compliance and safety 
Raleigh Electrical Contractor 

Qualities to Look for in a Local Electrical Contractor 

Choosing the best residential electrical repair and maintenance company can be a daunting task, but the assurance that a certified electrician, such as Crisp Electric in Raleigh, NC, can bring is worth the effort. Homeowners should look for electrical service companies that meet these qualifications. 

Professionally Licensed, Certified and Insured 

  • A local electrical contractor should be fully state licensed and insured. As a minimum, the electrical contractor should carry $500,000 in liability insurance and adequate workers’ compensation in the event of an accident on the homeowner’s premises. Property owners should request copies of the necessary certificates before authorizing the electrical contractors to start work. 
  • The electrical contractor should be able to advise homeowners at what stage authorization from local authorities is required. The electrical contractor should also be able to complete all the necessary paperwork and obtain the approvals and permits. 

Adequately Trained and Staffed 

  • Electricians should be adequately trained and certified. Incorrect diagnosis and repair of a home electrical fault can cause considerable damages to expensive appliances such as refrigerators and televisions 
  • Electric companies should have enough licensed and qualified emergency electricians on their staff so that homeowners do not have to wait too long for service in an emergency. They should also know how to maintain a generator.

Competitively Priced 

  • The electrical contractor should perform complete quotations free of charge and include alternative pricing offers on such items as light fittings, appliances, and covers.  
  • Electric service company rates should be competitive, and the electrician should supply a warranty against faulty workmanship and a guarantee for any materials used. Property owners should ensure that this is set out clearly in the electrician’s written quote. 

Strongly Recommended 

  • Get recommendations from friends and contacts. Alternatively, local hardware and electrical supply stores will often recommend local certified electricians, as they often have a short list of professionals which they can recommend to their customers. 
  • Check reviews and references for the electrician on the internet. 

Crisp Electric, a Raleigh area electric service company, has been providing high levels of residential electrical maintenance and electrical repair services for almost 25 years. Led by Bruce Crisp, the company has over thirty years of overall electrical and construction project management experience and is licensed in sixteen states. They have emergency electricians on standby 24/7 for all residential and commercial electrical needs in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Knightdale, Garner, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Morrisville, Apex and surrounding areas and perform fast 5-star electrical service! 

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